Thursday, 4 March 2010


the dew of the morning fell on his face
and woke him after months of dreamless sleep
or was it deep in the day
and jolly springlike rain?
little spider man slowly came out of his cryogenic sleep
trembling and shrugging
back to the life and straight into the spring
dazzling patches of color
slowly turned into objects and shapes
coughing and sneezing
he rose up
and went to explore the place

he came here late in the last autumn,
when he like all spider men of his tribe
crawled up to the very top of the tree
sat there for a while having a rest
and started to produce a long, long thread of silk
he remembered this evening
when they all sat there
on the edge of the leaf
silent and serious
lost in their thoughts
one by one they took off from the leaf
when their threads were long enough
to turn into kites
obeying the peculiar law of their their tribe
to look for their wives in a faraway land
they floated towards the horizon
with their sails full of wind shining
in the rays of the setting sun

but memories aside
as his heart regained it's rhythm
and his limbs were ready for the walk
he decided he now needs a dinner
and therefore he caught a fat fly
he quickly injected his venom
into the hairy abdomen of beast
and waited holding tightly
until his dinner died
he still needed at least an hour
for the fly to be ready to eat
so he whistled and waited and happily grinned
and that's when he suddenly met his next wife

he approached her
with ancient ritual steps
she responded
by slightly turning her head
she stepped forward
he stepped back
after all she was
three times as big as the man
he approached her with caution
she approached him with lust
he bravely smiled
and she
returned him the smile

the act of love itself
was rather complicated
yet anyway hot
with sixteen legs entangled
and somersaults on the moss
he tried to keep himself sober
to remember to touch her in certain way
to avoid being killed by her passion
but happened exactly the worst
and during one awkward turn
she buried her fangs in his body
and the beauty of the moment was lost

she honestly mumbled – I'm sorry
he helplessly said – it's OK
and they quickly finished what's started
though avoiding contact with eyes.......

......”I'm really...” she rose up
“Don't worry.” he said
and then she went to dine on his fly

eight long
and slender
yet powerful legs
and high on top of them
and round
and hairy
as peach
and a couple of something like
thick sharp wedges
sticking out
of the cave of her mouth
the most decadent, the most beautiful chelicerae
any spider has ever seen
he thought
for the sake of his own consolation

she had finished the fly
and noticed him watching
she grinned surprised that he's still alive
then turned her back and started to wait
until he'll be finally ready to eat
little spider man looked at the sky
a couple of birds were flying dangerously low
wouldn't it be better to hide?
but then he realized
he doesn't really need to care anymore
objects and shapes
slowly turned into dazzling patches of color
little spider man laid on the ground
slowly digested alive by his wife

(Drawings by I.P. Many thanx to her.)


Anonymous said...

this is beautiful.

MG said...


nothingprofound said...

One can't help but admire your protagonist's stoical acceptance of his biological destiny.

MG said...

ha, ha
spiders don't cry

Layla said...

I'll never think of "Little Miss Muffett" the same way again...along came a spider who sat down beside her...
Thanks for visiting the Boomer Muse...
btw, what is your mother tongue?

MG said...

and thanx for visiting mine
btw Latvian

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